Car Set for Grimm's Rainbow Friends and Grapat Nins

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This car set is made for the Grimm's Rainbow Friends or Grapat Nins. The dolls are NOT included, and I don't sell them. 

The 3 cars in this set are made from 3 different types of hardwoods: cherry, red oak, and walnut. They are not stained, simply finished with my homemade beeswax polish which brings out the natural colors of the woods.

The cars do NOT come with any peg dolls. This set is for people that already have the Grimm's or Grapat dolls (or are planning to get them). 

All the cars are about 2 inches high, and 1.5" wide (about 2.5" wide counting the wheels and axel pegs)
Cherry Sedan: length-4.5" long
Walnut Smart Car: 3"
Oak Race Car:5.5"