Ambulance for Grimm's Rainbow Friends or Grapat Nins

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Dolls NOT included. This is for people that already have the Grimm's Rainbow Friends or Grapat Nins dolls.

Call 911! We've gotta man down! Your children will love rescuing their Friends, Nins, small animals, and anything else that will fit in the back of the ambulance. Makeshift hospitals will be constructed, and you will hear many versions of a siren wail.

The siren lights and the sides are painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and finished with a water-based lacquer. The sides of the ambulance are maple with a poplar interior. It's finished with a hand-rubbed beeswax polish.

The truck is about 5.5 inches long, and one Friend or Nin will be able to lay down in the back, or 2 standing up.